Fisheries photo library

The Pisces-RFR photo library of fish and fisheries, mainly of contemporary inshore coastal fisheries in England and Scotland, was started in 2004, and already provides an extraordinary record and archive. We are adding pictures all the time. Few get the chance to go out on boats; these are the next best thing. We have made these available free of charge to restaurants and fisheries committed to Pisces-RFR.

The ‘polaroids’ on the light box below are a bit of fun, a selection of some of our favourites. Once they have started to develop, you can click and drag to sort through the pile, and double-click an image to enlarge or reduce it. (requires Adobe/Macromedia Flash). Click here to open in a separate, enlargeable window.

To go to the full library, click on the links below to go to the indexes for the various categories. These in turn provide access to slideshows, low-resolution downloads, and descriptions of the fish, fisheries and other events. Alternatively, you can come in ‘through the back door’, via the descriptions of specific fisheries.

Pisces Responsible Fish Restaurants


Click here for fair usage and photo repro rights. Many thanks to  Christopher Einarsrud for the Polaroid plug-inPicture_rights.html