The aim of Pisces Responsible Fish Restaurants, funded by Esmée Fairbairn, is to improve the sustainability of fisheries by helping chefs make better choices for their menus, creating buyer-driven pressure for change. We will do this, for example, by:
  1. Choosing fish by category rather than species, and by sourcing locally and seasonally;

  2. Directly supporting fishermen who are reducing damage to the marine environment and helping rebuild fish stocks;

  3. Improving the quality of fish available to chefs by supporting better fishing practices. Control of quality provides an incentive to chefs to source via this route.

We have trialled this within a London and Brighton-based restaurant group since 2004, resulting in a ‘Green Apple’ award in 2005. Since then we have been working towards our next goal, of involving 5-10 other restaurants in a London-based pilot, and also in ‘Transition Town’ Totnes, Devon. We believe that we can help provide an additional dimension to other sustainable fisheries initiatives, by actively getting fish onto plates!


Objectives - four steps to change

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images of marine life, fish, fisheries, chefs working at sea and on land with sea food. The extraordinary colours of marine life in the seas around Britain. Images from the Pisces-RFR marine, fish and fisheries photo library