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Return visit to gill netter FY239 Lucy Marianna


Log – Fishing vessel FY239 Lucy Marianna, 9.14 m, 4.25 t, engine power 60kW, 57 VCU, wooden hull, built in 1973. Skipper Anthony Hoskin, crewed by Darren Thirlaway.

Conditions & Location – Set off from Helford mooring 5.30  GMT October 9th 2012. Operating from Coverack southwards off the Lizard peninsula. Conditions overcast or misty, wind shifting from SSE to SW, occasional rain and drizzle. Rolling swell.

large ling in 90mm mesh comes over the hauler

Gear – 800m 68mm red mullet gill nets and 1600m 90mm gill nets, all set and retrieved after a couple of hours on this trip. 1600m 250mm / 10 inch ‘monk’ gill nets set 48 hours previously. All net set at a depth of ca. 80 mr.  Returned by 14.30 GMT

haddock caught in 90mm mesh nets

Catch - Three large monk, two dover sole, ca 10 ling, 10 red mullet, 40-50 kg haddock, ca 50 kg pouting, 30kg scad, brown and spider crab, plus john dory, pollock,striped gurnard

Videos - four videos are available, click on the links below:-

Setting ‘red mullet’ and 90mm gear, including trying together nets from bins ‘on the fly’

Extracting and cleaning fish from monk nets

ditto, 90mm ‘haddock’ nets

ditto, 68mm ‘red mullet nets

Monkfish emerging