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Haddock, striped gurnard, and new experiment underway in a busy day


Log – Fishing vessel FH214 Lady Hamilton, 8.43 metres long, 6.32 tonnes, engine power 96kW, 69 VCU, wooden hull, built in 1972. Skipper Chris Bean, crewed by Mario ‘Chino’ Rios and Andreas Simanauskas

Conditions & Location – Set off from Helford estuary 5.20 GMT 16th October. Fishing off Falmouth Bay (mullet nets) Gerrans Bay and Veryan Bay (haddock nets). Conditions: 12 degrees C. Wind force 2-5, SE shifting SW, sea condition moderate to pitchy, mainly clear / sunny. Returned 3 pm

Gear –1,500m 250 mm mesh Monk gill nets; 1,600m 300 mm mesh sole trammel nets, 2,000m 115 mm mesh ‘haddock’ gill nets and 300 m 68mm mesh red mullet gill nets

Red Gurnard above - photo from this trip and diagram from Handbook of Marine Fauna and Wheeler and Streaked Gurnard below, same order

male cuckoo wrasse

Catch - 160 kg haddock; 20 kg streaked gurnard; 16 kg pouting; 11 kg cod; 8 kg mackerel; 4.1 kg Monk, 0.7 kg monk liver, 0.7 kg monk cheeks; 6.6 kg hake; 4.2 kg starry smooth hound (sweet william); 4 kg ling; 3 kg red gurnard; 3 kg dover sole; 2 kg cuckoo wrasse; 1kg pollock; 1 kg tub gurnard; 1 kg red mullet plus 50kg hen brown crabs and 2.7 kg claws; 7.2 kg spider crab plus 125 kg crab bait, lesser spotted dogfish and some wrasse.



Pinger and CPOD deployment

monk, haddock (especially) and red mullet net catches