Log – Fishing vessel FY239 Lucy Marianna, 9.14 m, 4.25 t, engine power 60kW, 57 VCU, wooden hull, built in 1973. Skipper Anthony Hoskin, crewed by Darren Thirlaway.

Dead calm, with no boundary between sky and sea

Conditions & Location – Set off from Helford mooring 4.30  GMT May 2nd 2009. Operating in Falmouth Bay. Initially dead calm, glassy sea, later rolling swell.

Gear – One gill net set and retrieved, four monk nets retrieved, all set around the 80 m contour. Fishing off the Manacles. Returned at 16.30 GMT

Catch - Two boxes monk, turbot, cod, cuckoo ray. One basket cock crabs and spider crabs. Three boxes of pout, One basket lesser spotted dogfish  and half a basket of pout for pot bait. Ice used with high value catch.


Returned at 14.00 GMT.

Monkfish emerging

FY239 Lucy Marianna