Pisces Responsible Fish Restaurants goes out on boats to evaluate (mostly) inshore and coastal sustainable fisheries in Britain, and this website provides details of the fisheries we work with, and why.

In addition to the Objectives, which summarise what we do and how we do it, there is an introduction to Fish and Fisheries, link to the accounts and photographs of the inshore coastal fisheries we have recently visited, and a site index.

Beneath the surface we do a huge amount of work assessing the sustainability of individual boats and the fisheries of which they are part, the quality of the fish from each boat, setting up a fair trading relationship with the fishers, setting up a supply route, and scoring the overall ‘portfolio’ of fish used by restaurants to help chefs monitor how well they are doing. An explanation of how we do all of these aspects is provided via links on the individual fisheries accounts as they arise, but you can also access the directly through the In Brief summaries of various aspects or, for those who want to dive straight into the detail, on the Chapter and Verse pages


Finding out more

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