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FH239 Lucy Marianna gill netting with monkfish, haddock and red mullet gear off Coverack and the Lizard

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Photo album keywords: fishing, inshore, coastal, under 10m, FY239 Lucy Marianna, skipper Anthony Hoskin, crew Darren Thirlaway, monk fish, angler fish, turbot, pouting, striped gurnard, haddock, cod, ling, pollack, dover sole, lesser spotted dogfish, cuckoo wrasse, horse mackerel, scad, spider crab, brown crab, Fal Bay SAC, Lizard peninsula, Coverack, monk gear, monk gill net, 250 mm mesh gill net, haddock gill net, 100 mm mesh gill net, red mullet gill net, 68 mm gill net, crab and fish extraction techniques from nets, United Kingdom, England, Cornwall, Helford, Lizard, Falmouth Bay, ICES Area VIIe, Western Channel, MV Golar Maria, 9 October 2012, © Malcolm MacGarvin, malcolm@pisces-rfr.org

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